I was 22. While I had gotten used to sharing showers and being mostly naked, he never really touched my girl bits unnecessarily. It was always because we were in the shower or he was getting me naked or helping me get dressed. I imagined I was a nymph.

One day it was just different. He asked me to sit on the bed naked. I played along thinking it was just another game. He knelt before me and kissed me deeply. His hands found my breasts and I wondered why it didn’t feel wrong. He lowered himself to the floor and on his knees, looked up into my eyes. Aah, the glazed look he gave me. Like he was drugged on my nakedness. But that might have been my imagination mingling with my pride.

I was raised in a strict Catholic environment. In school, nuns told us to never let a boy kiss us beyond the face and the hands. At 14, I was still convinced that I could get pregnant if someone kissed me on the mouth. So you can just imagine my shock with the next request he made.

“Please part your legs for me.”

But you know I did, and without saying a word he held my knees and lowered his face into my sex. I felt him inhale deeply as he buried his face into that part between my legs. When his lips touched my flesh I almost jumped. The shock of it, the heat and the electricity reached all the way down to my toes. I could not breathe.

And yet that was not all of it. He opened his mouth and licked. It was wet and warm and good. I felt a hot wetness inside me. It started building up as he kissed and licked and probed. The heat was nearly intolerable, and when I felt I couldn’t hold on anymore it happened.

I exploded. OR at least I think I did. I felt a gush of something and it felt like fireworks coming out of me. Fireworks.

And so I lay, exhausted and unsure of what it was that just happened to me. He joined me. Looking into my eyes he asked me if he could try entering me. I said yes. We talked about it many times over and I was sure I wanted him to.

He positioned himself on top of me with his legs on either side of mine. He parted my legs and one by one moved his, so that he was rightly between by legs. My sex was swollen. I did not see his as he lowered his torso and began the attempt. I felt the smooth round tip touch my opening. I was so very wet. He slowly pushed inside of me. I think it was an inch in there (which is really nothing) when I screamed. I felt something tear and I panicked.

I pushed him off and curled up into a ball of tears.


One day he said to me, ‘Let’s take a shower together.’ I did not speak. I knew what it meant.

I had to drop all my clothes and get in there with him. I had never been naked with a man and yet I pulled my shirt off like I had done a million times by myself. I could feel him staring at me. I was surprised that it felt like the most natural thing in the world for me.

The strangest thing was, he was still standing there with his clothes on.

But I didn’t know what to say. There really wasn’t anything to say. As he stared and watched, I bared more skin, until there was nothing left to show.

Something between my legs felt funny. Like a tingle of warmth that grew in intensity by the second. I could feel a pool of warmth growing and starting to take over my abdomen. He stepped forward and kissed me on the cheek.  I stood there like a complete idiot.

He stripped quickly, refusing to meet my eyes. I couldn’t look. For some reason, I felt embarassed to look at him. And yet I could not understand why having him look at me didn’t make me blush. I was naked! Naked! No one’s seen me like that save for doctors!


He stepped into the shower, turned to me and said, “Are you coming?” I took the three steps without hesitation. The water felt good. I could feel a burning inside me that I had never felt before.  He washed my hair, and my body. It felt like he wanted to make it last forever. He scrutinized every inch of me. Even that part between my legs which by then felt like it was on fire.

We toweled off, and then we went to sleep.

I had the kiss inside me all along. Like a sleeping dragon it lay biding for time. Maybe the right scent never came along. Maybe the right face simply continued to evade me so. Maybe the right words would wake it up. Maybe.

But there once was a man who tried to take it from me. He tried to force it out of me and it refused to make itself known. I was just a cold fish inside. The ice queen as some of them always say. I was not cool. I was just cold.

Ah, but fate has his ways. One day the prince came, charming he was not. I was sleeping, beauty to be too presumptous a word to describe myself, girl. And he came close enough to smell my breath from out of my nose, and then he kissed me. In my half conscious moment of realization I kissed him back.

We have not stopped kissing since.

I think it would be fitting to spend the first month on firsts.

So from here on we will be sharing first time stories with you. At this moment I probably have an imaginary audience, but that makes it even better. I can just imagine that they all like what I write. heehee..

if you have stories that you’d like to share, drop us a line.

We are starting this blog in the hopes of encouraging the Filipina lover to speak up. On this site we will share our joys and frustrations in the bedroom..and everywhere else.

I hope to begin a forum that will reveal the faked orgasms, and hopefully make the men pay more attention to us.

It’s not just about sex. BUT enjoying sex is very important.


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Inday is the liberated Filipina. She is a twenty-five year old lady with a string of frustrated lovers behind her. Still a single woman, born in a conservative family and raised in a highly traditional society, who has only recently truly enjoyed the bedroom passions that has escaped her for a long time. (pronounciation: in-die) inday.naked@yahoo.com


Nene is twenty six, and married for 2 years. Born and raised by a highly traditional family and attended a very strict Catholic school run by nuns. She has always worn fancy lingerie underneath all the boy clothes. (pronounciation: "ne" as in net) nene.naked@yahoo.com